Vish Intelligent Colour Management is helping salons eliminate waste and reduce colour spend by thousands every month.

Take Control Of Your Colour Business

The colour bar technology the industry has been waiting for, slashing colour spend and generating thousands in revenue.

The struggle for waste reduction and profitability in the colour department is faced by all salons, but with Vish Colour Management, salons are taking control of their businesses, waste, and profits. Vish’s intelligent scale connects via Bluetooth to the Vish iPad application, capturing every formula mixed giving the entire salon a myriad of ways to amplify and capture revenue, forecast stock orders, monitor waste and mentor staff with benchmarks and performance tracking.  

Without changing anything aside from a modern scale and skipping the handwritten notes, the Vish system sends all service details, including additional product, changes to the service ticket and add-ons, automatically sent to the front desk, leaving no service uncharged. 

At the end of the service, the stylist weighs their ‘nearly’ empty bowl and any leftover color will be recorded, recalibrating the formula automatically so the stylist will know how much to mix next time based on these intelligent notes. 

Why Salons Are Choosing Vish

By simply reweighing the bowl at the end of the service, salons are cutting colour costs by up to 40% and reducing colour waste by up to 80%. Alongside this reduction in costs, Vish is helping salons capture 15% more revenue through service add-ons and changes that previously went missed. 

This new colour management tech has everyone in the salon feeling good and in control. Stylists love the formula tracking and note-taking; the front desk feels in control of client flow and closing out services; and owners and managers are able to accurately manage professional stock and cash flow while managing business rules to make sure they are always thinking about profit first.

Eliminating colour waste is of course about the environment, but it’s also about recovering thousands of pounds invested in colour product that is being poured down the plughole. Alexander, founder of two salons in the U.K. said, ‘Our waste is down by more than 50 per cent, saving us up to £500 each month.’ As a result, the amount of colour used across both salons has been reduced by 42%. The salons started with Vish when they reopened from the first lockdown, which meant it no longer needed to, ‘swallow that enormous product cost and cut [his] profits.’ By refining their formulas and using exactly what is needed in a service, Alexander’s teams saw improved efficiencies while the salon saw their monthly colour spend plummet. 

Alexander James Salon is just one example of salons across the U.K. that are taking control of their colour businesses. On average, two out of every five colour tubes are wasted in a typical salon. That, alongside the 15% of services that never get charged, it’s refreshing to see salons thriving with new levels of profit in their colour department after using Vish. How much could you gain with Vish?