TUNING IN to the new norm of sharing hairdressing through the small screen, we bring you COLOUR WORLD TV! Launched out of necessity in September 2020, we have translated the energy and vigour of the live Colour World annual gathering to be a film festival for colour. Now with the second season of CWTV for Summer 2021, CWTV we are the colour go-to for education, product information and colour entertainment. Watch and learn in the most vibrant, interesting way possible.


Colour World TV is a pop-up TV station with multi-channels, each streaming live broadcasting that will make every colourist’s heart beat that little bit faster! We offer 2 days of filming footage, recorded live, plus 3 months on-demand for catching up. With 12 brand sponsors and 57 colourists gathered in our London studio to make this possible.


Our filming processes were conducted under strict Covid guidelines in June 2021. Anybody attending the venue, from technical film personnel to colourists, models and attendant crew, was required to declare a negative Covid test within 24 hours of arrival. Also to provide details for track and trace and take a temperature test. They were required to wear PPE inside the venue and at all times maintain 1m+ social distancing. Outside in our bar area we provided table service and no queues were allowed. On camera, artists and models could remove visors and masks where appropriate or necessary for communication. Any shared equipment such as a hand held microphone were sanitised in view of presenters and hands were sanitised in view of and with agreement of participants.

Our extensive health and safety briefing was shared and all participating brands and personnel received their own copy. IHAA Ltd and our film crew advised all presenters on safety. We have urged all presenters to observe them. Any branded content was made with the brand concerned in attendance and therefore approving of the procedure.


The Colour World brand is conceived and owned by IHAA Ltd. We are thrilled with the success of the label since launch in 2016. Our site at www.colourworlduk.com and our social media is dedicated to serving professional colourists globally. If you’re interested in taking Colour World international, contact us. We are:


Nicky Pope
E: nicky@ihaa.co.uk



The CWTV2021 concept is brought to life thanks to our many suppliers. We enjoy working with like-minded, progressive brands, and we’re grateful for their enthusiasm in helping define hairdressing and colour in particular. Credit due to:

Event Producer: Karen Lowe

Photography & Film: Andy Gilbert

AKA Production




AV and technology:

Rockit Event Production – Chris Baxter



Still photography:

David Hindley




Nadia Nelson

CWTV2021 Platform:

SO Digital Communication ltd


Good to see you! Colour World TV is now showing on the hairclips.tv platform where you’ll find the new video and colourful films to view.

It’s only the archive from CWTV 2020/21 that will continue to be held here - feel free to browse if that’s what you’re after.